Newly Diagnosed? Want to know more about CLL?

Whether you are just starting your CLL journey or simply looking for basic information on CLL, the following links will lead you to reliable, up to date information:

Staying on track with your CLL by Lymphoma Canada

The CLL Journey by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada

CLL Resources ListAn extensive list of Canadian and International resources.

Canadian Clinical Trials

Canadian Clinical Trials has a complete and updated list of CLL trials in Canada.

To find CLL clinical trials, type “CLL” in “Find a trial” search box.

Canadian Clinical Trials Education Website Launched

The Network of Networks website “It Starts With Me” was developed to provide the basics on clinical trials for the public (in English and French). The website’s development was supported in part by a CIHR SPOR Patient Engagement Collaboration Grant, which facilitated the work with patients and caregivers.